LC slips, Grains come back but?

Opinion rumors, news and not, levelsin todays markets subject to change fast.

Grains- If this it? Go back and see where we have to get over to me. Oats up 24cents fast.

US DOLLAR neckline. Anyone bearish. 95.83 now. DOW JONES 24,400 has been posted for last week and hit today. Shorts scramble.

Spreads did perk up a touch today. Maybe but wait.

Expect the Unexpected. NASD olive sell alert live, more above. Coffee-macro lines still confined to. PALLADIUM- Target #1 1373 hit today. Bulls tend to take profits at targets but more explanation to students. Gold stuck under 1303.30 green

Cotton, double up if you bought OLB, head and shoulders bottom, buy retest if. Live upside. Today was follow thru.

We all knew cotton wasn't done. Now we can go to a buck. Things a tightening to me.

Old Continental Grain guy from floor (exchange of ideas) told me something that if Trump is going to fire these non essential workers. Talk about draining the swamp and might give those other two heart attacks.

Nobody gave a rats behind when HFT technology eliminated Human Floor Traders for good.

Technology is set to Cannibalize 40% more of US workforce. Tech deductions subsidize this.

The biggest threat to Capitalism is

Income Inequality, Paul Tudor Jones.

He has said this three times in last year and rarely speaks publicly. On YouTube search. Dec 13 If learning, it may be worth time watching this billionaire cotton trader. Donated billions. 5 anyway.

What stage of the cycle are we in?

Does Sam Well (bloom this am) get a rent subsidy for non essential s?Big landlord. Did we hear they get mortgage guar.s?

This usually is revealed say in budget default (or bubble popped) but that's way out there for here. Would bonds rally big again, 3.10% last ish off 2.92% low yield. FYI.

KWH- over $5.10 my opinion, call. This may go nano fast but maybe not. Buy call a day, then 5?

HOGS- What can I say, farmers long but at least it came back from under 60.

FCF 139.87, 138.?? Call if you do not have time to do the homework. Free mostly is worth what you pay for it, no? Feeders held a line off bottom, for now in to Friday. Call for olive buy extremes.

SX -935.

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