Here’s How Black Swan Events Will Affect Gold
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Every now and then, your Gold Enthusiast likes to take time away from  to read . Sometimes this makes for an entertaining morning, such as when the analyst being read completely disagrees with your Gold Enthusiast.  Other times it’s head-nodding in agreement.  But most of the time it’s somewhere in the middle, as there is often agreement on some points and disagreement on others.  I believe you can learn the most by learning the how’s and why’s of , when they’re willing to present a logical rundown of their position.

Such is the case with today’s featured article, whose author does a good job of presenting his starting point and giving his rundown from there.  This one is well worth your time as you’ll learn a lot, and hopefully gain some more perspective from a market veteran.  While your Gold Enthusiast doesn’t agree with the magnitudes postulated for each factor, it’s a great run-down and qualifies as “your education for today.”

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